This may be our last chance to stop gerrymandering before voting districts are redrawn in 2021 — and right now, we have a chance to end it in one of America’s worst gerrymandered states: Virginia.

Add your name now to tell politicians you support the anti-gerrymandering amendment.

Politicians have the power to stop gerrymandering in Virginia, but they could choose to ignore it and keep the corrupt status quo. That’s why it’s critically important for everyone, in every state, to make sure the Virginia legislature knows we’re watching and we expect them to pass the amendment.

Gerrymandering allows self-serving politicians to draw their own voting districts, so they can pick their voters instead of the other way around. It’s a corrupt practice that rigs elections and takes the power away from voters.

Virginia lawmakers have until the end of the spring legislative session to pass a powerful anti-gerrymandering amendment – but they're considering hundreds of other bills, too. It's up to us to light a fire under them and force them to act.

Add your name now to tell Virginia politicians to pass the anti-gerrymandering amendment. The more messages we send, the more we show them that ending gerrymandering is a priority for Virginians and for Americans across the country.

We can’t wait another 10 years to fix the corrupt status quo. The time is now.