The Supreme Court is about to decide whether to end partisan gerrymandering – and more than 24,000 people have already made their voices heard.

On September 5th, we delivered signatures to the court, along with an Amicus Brief calling for an end to partisan gerrymandering. You can read the Amicus Brief that we submitted to the Supreme Court here.

Partisan gerrymandering is rigging our elections, allowing politicians to draw their own voting districts and keep themselves in power.

That's not how our elections are supposed to work – and the Supreme Court has the power to fix this huge problem - or hand the anti-corruption movement a major setback.

We need to show the Court that Americans in all 50 states, across the political spectrum, want to put a stop to partisan gerrymandering.

Add your name to show the Supreme Court you want to see partisan gerrymandering ended.

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