Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Ross Sherman, RepresentUs Media Relations Manager, 207-749-2660,


WASHINGTON – On December 7, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear a case that has major implications for states’ rights and the rights of American voters. The question at the center of Moore v. Harper is whether or not state constitutions, state courts, or voters have authority over federal elections. If the Court rules that only Congress and state legislatures have the ability to make rules about federal elections, it could open the door for legal challenges to countless anti-corruption laws in the states. For example, Alaska’s new nonpartisan primary and Ranked Choice Voting election system – passed by the voters in 2020 – could be struck down.

Alongside Campaign Legal Center and seven ideologically-diverse organizations, RepresentUs submitted a friend-of-the-court brief Tuesday urging the Supreme Court to “preserve the role state courts and independent redistricting commissions play in facilitating a transparent, inclusive and accountable democracy.”

RepresentUs Policy Director David O’Brien issued the following statement: 

Moore v. Harper is the most important elections case the Supreme Court will hear in years. At its core, it’s about checks and balances. Self-interested politicians are carrying out an unprecedented legislative and legal strategy to take power out of the hands of voters. If they get their way, they could have nearly-unchecked authority over our elections. 

“This brief is a powerful argument that the Court should reject this shameless effort by politicians to take away our constitutional rights and seize even more power for themselves. The people should always be able to hold politicians accountable and have the most powerful voice in our government.”

Ahead of oral arguments on December 7, RepresentUs and partners will release additional information and research on Moore v. Harper  – including what critical state anti-corruption laws could be at risk in the aftermath of the case. 


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