Nearly everyone hates switching their clocks twice a year, but nothing has changed. Why don’t we do anything about it? The culprits, unsurprisingly, include politicians and lobbyists.

Lobbying and gridlock have stalled progress

Despite legislators' attempts to pass measures to “ditch the switch,” no one can agree on a permanent solution once we stop changing the clocks, leaving us stuck in political gridlock. Additionally, powerful lobbying forces on both sides, along with legitimate experts disagreeing, have led to a compromise that no one is happy with.

But, what if we let the voters decide? At RepresentUs, we know that Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) is an easy, effective way to build consensus when it seems impossible.

With RCV, you have the freedom to vote without the fear of “wasting” it. If your top choice doesn’t win, your vote still counts toward your second preference, third, and so on. It means that a majority wins, every time.

Possible solutions

When it comes to Daylight Savings Time, there are four different solutions to choose from:

  1. Make Daylight Savings permanent and enjoy extended daylight hours. Groups like the US Chamber of Commerce, the National Retail Federation, and the National Association of Convenience Stores support this option because more sunlight means increased retail sales.
  2. Make Standard Time permanent to better align with your circadian rhythms. Medical experts like the American Medical Association and lobbying groups for industries like airlines and broadcasters oppose permanent daylight saving time because it's worse for sleep cycles and could disrupt air travel and the broadcasting industry.
  3. What about one time zone for the entire country? Seems a bit extreme, but some folks appreciate the simplicity and think we’d be better off.
  4. Or, we can just keep things the way they are.

Rank your favorite solutions

There’s no right or wrong answer. All that matters is that your voice is heard!

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