Thursday, June 2, 2022

Ross Sherman, RepresentUs PR Strategist, 207-749-2660,


After significant pro-democracy victories in May, voters in Missouri, North Dakota and Vermont will now have more choices and a greater voice at the ballot box. Working alongside many in-state partners, RepresentUs played a key role in these wins, and has now racked up 159 wins in cities and states across the country since the organization’s founding in 2012.

With Congress hamstrung by gridlock, local and state action presents the best path forward to protect and strengthen democracy and build momentum for federal reform.

“Every pro-democracy victory moves us one step closer to our goal of stopping the backslide and making America the world’s strongest democracy. By showing the rest of the country what’s possible, more cities and states will follow suit,” said RepresentUs CEO Joshua Graham Lynn. “The real credit goes to our many partners on the ground in Vermont, Missouri and North Dakota for putting country over party to get this done.”

In North Dakota, RepresentUs partnered with the bipartisan coalition Conserve our Rights to fight back against an attack on direct democracy that would have blocked citizens’ ability to use the power of the ballot to make their voice heard. Had the effort been successful, it would have required 60% of voters to pass constitutional amendments, a drastic increase from the current simple majority requirement (50% plus one).

Similarly, Missouri lawmakers proposed multiple bills attacking the ballot initiative process. One bill in particular would have required two-thirds of voters to pass a state amendment when only a majority is needed currently. RepresentUs helped state partners, including Missouri Jobs with Justice, mobilize hundreds of Missourians to come to the capitol in person to oppose the bill, and generated hundreds of calls and emails over the final 48 hours of the campaign to support the senate filibuster that ultimately defeated it.

Finally, Burlington, Vt. will now elect city councilors with ranked choice voting. Burlington voters overwhelmingly approved this change in 2021, which then had to be approved by the state legislature and governor. RepresentUs worked closely with local partners, including VPIRG

RepresentUs addresses the root causes of America’s democracy crisis by passing reforms in cities and states to build momentum for reforms to sweep the nation. Every city and state win paves the way for more pro-democracy laws in more places, including in Congress. This year, RepresentUs is focused on passing popular, common sense reforms – including ranked choice voting, anti-gerrymandering, and campaign finance laws.

“In achieving nearly 160 wins over the past 10 years, we know our strategy of bringing allies together from across the political spectrum works. Being fiercely nonpartisan is part of our DNA, and we’re committed to it,” said RepresentUs Interim Director of Political Campaigns Megan Caska. “We look forward to continuing that momentum forward throughout the rest of the year and beyond.”


RepresentUs is America’s leading nonpartisan organization fighting to protect and strengthen democracy. We unite unlikely allies from across the political spectrum who put country over party to pass pro-democracy laws, fight corruption, and defeat authoritarian threats. We have won more than 150 victories in cities and states across America since our founding 10 years ago. Each win is one step closer to our vision of making America the world’s strongest democracy.

RepresentUs is America’s leading anti-corruption organization working city-by-city, state-by-state to fix our broken political system.