Thank you for joining the Call Team as part of the RepresentUs Action Brigade! If you haven’t already, join the RepresentUs Virtual Volunteer Community. Your help is sincerely appreciated by the entire RepresentUs community, and your work tonight and in the future is an important contribution to winning the most urgent and impactful anti-corruption campaigns.

The Call Team helps win campaigns through the most effective voter outreach method: one-to-one contact. Call Team members activate the movement through phonebanks, turning people out to events, connecting them to their representatives, or pushing them to volunteer for local campaigns. Ready to get started? Here's how it works:


a) Create a CallHub account (auto-dialer)
b) Enter a username [ex: “firstname”_”lastname”]
c) Enter your email --> Then check your email account to verify your CallHub account and create a password
d) Sign into Callhub


a) Choose which active campaign you'd like to make calls for. If you're not sure which campaigns are currently active, hop into the volunteer community on Slack and ask another volunteer or call captain.
If there is only one active campaign, the script and “Join the Campaign” button will appear automatically.

b) Once you've selected your campaign, a preview of the designated call script will appear.
c) A call script is written for each campaign, and is designed to map out the flow of your conversations (Intro, Ask, Outro). Read the script out loud a few times until you’re comfortable with it, or practice it with a friend or family member.

While the script will help guide you through each conversation, be ready to improvise, as each call will take a life of its own.



Set a goal for yourself: The average phonebanker usually makes between 25 and 35 calls per hour.

a) When you're ready to begin, hit “Join the Campaign” in the top left corner:

b) This will bring you to the Call Tool. You will use the tool to control your calls, enter results, and move to the next contact.
c) Click   to begin dialing your first contact.
d) Click   to hang up (if you hit a voice machine).
e) Use dropdown bars to enter information into each callers Survey (Call Disposition is required on each dial, even if they didn’t pick up), 

For Call Disposition please select:

  • “Yes to [Action]”, if you spoke with someone and they said yes to the ask
  • “Did not talk to contact”, if they did not pick up
  • “Talked to contact”, if they answer but decline to engage
  • "DO NOT CALL", if the contact want to be taken off the list.

f) Any extra information can be added in the Notes Section

g) Once you have filled in all the survey information and left the contact off with a message of appreciation, now you're ready to call the next person! Click "Save & Next” to get to your next conversation.   

For Transfer Calls:

  • If your campaign is a “Transfer Call Campaign” - you will need one extra button to complete a successful call. When the person you're calling is ready to be transferred click the “Patch-Through” button at the top of the page.  

  • Then select your contact and hit call to complete the connection. 


a) Let the Call Captain on Slack know you're signing off and quickly check-in for any last minute feedback, thoughts and questions.

b) Come back soon! Call nights at RepresentUs happen every day (Mon. - Sun.) from 9am ET to 9pm ET. 


Best Practices: A Few Helpful Tips

  • Memorize your script: Your script outlines why you’re calling and how to persuade potential supporters to take anti-corruption action.
  • Master your ask: Make sure your ask is clear and persuasive. It should provide all the necessary details and encourage people to say “Yes, I will attend!” For example, we want to avoid open-ended questions like, “Are you interested in joining?”. Instead phrase our ask like “Will you join?”
  • Be positive and energetic: Contacts can hear your mood and feel your energy. Make sure to call with a “smile” (physically smiling while making calls makes your call demeanor friendlier) and some pep in your voice, this can make a huge difference.
  • If at first you don’t succeed… go to the second ask: Not everyone will want to take you up on the main ask of the campaign, and that's ok! There are tons of ways for people to get involved in the movement. Head to the second ask and see if there is somewhere else we can plug them in.
  • Close with a thank you: Be appreciative of their time and leave them feeling empowered and inspired to act.


For more phonebanking tips see:

Have Questions?

Check in with the Call Captain on duty if you have questions about tonight’s action on Slack. If you're not on Slack, you can email and we will respond from 9-5pm ET Mon. - Fri.


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