A bill to stop unlimited lobbyist gifts is ready for a vote in Pennsylvania, and now politicians have a choice: bring it to a vote, or ignore it and keep the corrupt status quo.

We can’t let this bill stall. Add your name to this petition to demand politicians cosponsor a lobbyist gift ban in Pennsylvania. 

Pennsylvania is one of only eight states where lobbyists can give unlimited gifts to politicians. Tickets to a Beyoncé concert. A trip to Key West. Boxing lessons. These are just some of the gifts lobbyists have given to politicians. And it's how special interests across America use their deep pockets to influence politicians and serve their interests, instead of the will of the people.

We will only beat them by fighting back state by state until we win federal reform.

This bill is only here because of years of pressure campaigns from RepresentUs members and a statewide coalition. We've joined marches, been arrested, and even sent plungers to the capitol to demand a lobbyist gift ban. Now it's up to our movement to increase the pressure and show that the entire country is watching them. 

Add your name to send a message to demand politicians support the gift ban.

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