Voters deserve to weigh in on ranked choice voting in New York City. Urge Mayor de Blasio to support adding it to the November ballot.

New York City has a chance to pass ranked choice voting - but only if we can convince the city officials to put it on our November ballot. Add your name to this petition to urge NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio to support efforts to put ranked choice voting on the ballot.

The NYC Charter Revision Commission is still deciding whether to let voters have a say on ranked choice voting, and an endorsement right now from Mayor Bill de Blasio would carry great weight.

Ranked choice voting is a simple change for voters that ends the two-party duopoly and stops the spoiler effect - so you can vote for your favorite candidate without worrying about "wasting" your vote. It's already used in the state of Maine and major cities including San Francisco, Minneapolis, Santa Fe and more.

New York City is the largest city in the country. Passing ranked choice voting here would triple the number of people using ranked choice voting in America.

The Charter Revision Commission is appointed by the mayor, city council speaker, comptroller, and borough presidents, which means getting an endorsement from Mayor de Blasio would be a huge help as they consider whether to put ranked choice voting on this November's ballot. 

Add your name now: Urge Mayor de Blasio to support putting ranked choice voting on the November ballot and give voters the chance to weigh in.

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