Tell Your Member of Congress to Stop Accepting Money From Big Pharma

Congress is waging a battle over health care - funded by big pharma and insurance industries

Add your name now to demand that your members of Congress stop accepting money from big pharma and the insurance industries while Congress debates health care.

Congress is about to make monumental decisions about our health care system that affect the entire country, and the pharmaceutical and insurance industries are spending big to influence policy. This year alone, the insurance industry has made nearly $8.5 million in campaign contributions to Democrats and Republicans 1, and the pharmaceutical industry isn't far behind – with contributions nearing $5million.2

It's disgusting. Political funders aren't just making gifts: they're publicly admitting that they expect influence over the outcome of the health care debate.3

We can't trust our elected officials to make choices for us while they're under pressure from powerful monied interests. But they can choose to stop accepting money from the pharmaceutical and insurance industries, and send a message that their number one concern is the American people. 

Don't believe anyone would do it? It's already happened. In June, Cory Booker announced he would put a pause on accepting contributions from pharmaceutical companies.

Add your name to send a message to your legislators asking them to follow suit and stop accepting big pharma and insurance industry money.