As misinformation continues to erode Americans’ trust in our democracy, it’s up to us to make sure our friends and family know the facts about voting absentee by mail.

Because here’s the truth: Voting absentee by mail is as secure (if not more so!) as in-person voting. Save the Vote today by using the images and text below to make sure your followers understand how safe and secure vote by mail really is.

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  1. The chances of dating a millionaire are 0.46% — that’s higher than the chance of vote by mail fraud. Vote-by-mail is easy, safe, and secure. Check out this guide by @RepresentUs to find out more about how to request your absentee ballot!
  2. If you’re not able to vote in person, don’t worry! Voting by mail is safe, easy, and secure. That’s why I just requested my absentee ballot. Want more information? Check out this guide by @RepresentUs that breaks down the facts about vote by mail:
  3. DID YOU KNOW? Every state already uses some form of vote by mail with absentee ballots, and our active military members voting overseas use vote by mail almost exclusively. Request your absentee ballot today! @RepresentUs
  4. Have you already requested your ballot? You rock! Make sure your networks know how easy it is. Take a selfie when you send in your ballot and share it on social with the following language: I just mailed in my absentee ballot for the 2020 elections! Voting by mail is easy, safe, and secure. Don’t miss your chance to participate in our democracy. Find out how to vote by mail in your state using this guide by @RepresentUs:
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