Add your name to tell Alaska Governor Bill Walker to sign the Act into law. Show him the whole nation is watching.

RepresentUs members in Alaska just pushed America's next Anti-Corruption Act all the way to the governor's desk. If he signs, it will crack down on lobbyist gifts, conflicts of interest, and taxpayer-funded foreign travel, plus it will accelerate the state-by-state momentum our political strategy depends on.

But it's not law yet: it still needs to be signed by the governor.

Add your name now to tell Alaska Governor Bill Walker that the nation is watching, and pressure him to sign the bill.

If we win in Alaska, other states may follow suit — accelerating the momentum needed to pass sweeping anti-corruption laws federally.

For years, lawmakers have been all talk and no action on laws to crack down on political bribery and conflicts of interest. So the people decided to do it themselves.

RepresentUs members went door-to-door, braving the Alaskan winter snows to gather more than 45,000 signatures to put an anti-corruption initiative on the ballot. Then they ran a poll that found 84% of Alaskans supported it.

The growing public support showed politicians that there was no choice but to act, so they mirrored the people's law in the bill that passed through the Senate and House.

But our work here isn't done. The Governor can still ignore the people and keep this bill stuck just like we've seen in the past. We need to speak out to show the governor that there's massive support behind this bill and that signing it is the right thing to do.

Add your name now to urge the Governor to approve Alaska's Anti-Corruption Act.

Here’s what’s in the new law:

  1. No budget, no pay. Legislators would no longer be entitled to the daily per diem allowance if the budget is not passed by the end of the regular legislative session.
  2. Restrict lobbyist gifts to legislators. Closes gift rule loopholes to ban lavish meals and alcoholic beverages for legislators paid for by lobbyists.
  3. Strengthen conflict of interest rules. Requires legislators to declare conflicts of interest before voting and excuse themselves from voting when they or a member of their family has a financial conflict of interest.
  4. Foreign travel restrictions. Legislators will no longer be able to bill the state for international travel unless they can show how the trip benefits Alaskans and serves a legislative purpose.

With the stroke of a pen America will have a strong, new, statewide Anti-Corruption Act. 

Add your name now to show the Governor that this step forward for Alaska, is a step forward for America.

RepresentUs is America’s leading anti-corruption organization working city-by-city, state-by-state to fix our broken political system.