The Problem:

Instead of voters choosing politicians, it's the other way around – politicians are choosing their voters. They do it by gerrymandering voting districts to guarantee their own re-election. That's corruption at the core of our political process.

What's Gerrymandering?

Gerrymandering is when election district lines are drawn in a way that artificially advantages one person, party, or group over another – and it's a big reason why our elections aren't fair and competitive.

One of the most common types is partisan gerrymandering, where district lines are drawn strategically around groups of people that reliably vote for one party. As a result, the party drawing the lines gets more representatives elected than they would with fairly drawn districts.

Both parties use gerrymandering to give themselves a leg up in the next election. Republican legislatures conducted a wave of gerrymandering in 2011, and Democrats have engaged in gerrymandering where they have control, such as in Maryland.

The Solution:

Take redistricting out of the hands of the political parties and put voters in control. Create independent, fully transparent redistricting commissions that follow strict guidelines to ensure accurate representation for all voters.

The Benefits: