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  1. Many states don’t allow processing or counting of absentee ballots until Election Day, which means Election Day will really be #ElectionWeek this year. Learn when your state will start counting ballots using the @RepresentUs ballot tracker.
  2. FACT: We should not expect results on Election Day. Period. Results announced on Election Day are highly likely to be different from the final outcome, as all votes are counted over the course of #ElectionWeek @RepresentUs
  3. Can you imagine opening millions of envelopes by hand? Mail-in ballots take longer to process & count, especially in states that don’t allow officials to begin counting until Election Day. I’m ready to wait for an accurate count. Are you? #ElectionWeek. @RepresentUs
  4. #HotTake: The one thing you can predict without a doubt in 2020? We won’t know who won the election on Nov 3 — we’ll be waiting for officials to process the surge of mail-in votes. Election Day is now #ElectionWeek. Every vote must be counted. @RepresentUs
  5. Opening an envelope only takes seconds. But imagine opening 91 million mail-in ballots. With 70% of Americans expected to vote by mail, we won’t know a winner for days or weeks after Nov. 3. Who’s ready to wait for #ElectionWeek with me? @RepresentUs

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