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Unbreaking America: Drowning in Student Debt is chock full of nonpartisan analysis, factual statistics, and unbiased news sources. We're sourcing all the facts in the video below, based on when they occur in the film. 

01:09 Just for comparison, here’s what the increase in wages looks like over that same time period.

01:29 How much student debt are we actually talking about? Well, the amount is kinda staggering.

01:40 And this is the $1.6 Trillion in student loan debt, to scale.

01:46 1 in 8 of us are shouldering student debt. That’s over 44 million Americans.

01:52 It’s forcing young people to move back in with their parents, delay buying a house or delay getting married, maybe not even retire until they’re 75.

02:16 Look, a bachelor’s degree can increase your lifetime earnings by half a million dollars or more.

02:26 The average student leaves college $37,000 in debt. At 7% interest, over 25 years, that costs $78,000 dollars.

02:42 No wonder a million people a year default on their student loans. And that doesn’t mean the loan just goes away, it means your life gets worse.

02:56 All because banks, lenders, and special interests have rigged the system to make it functionally impossible — even if you’re forced into bankruptcy — to get out from under your student loans.

03:24 Executives from student loan companies flew the Chairman of the House Education Committee 4 times in their private jet to speak with them.

03:28 Former Chairman John Boehner, 2001-2006.

03:32 Do you know what the Chairman told them?  

05:06 The American Anti-Corruption Act is incredibly popular with both conservatives and progressives.

05:20 So we have to go around Congress, a tried and true way of moving America forward.

06:05 Together, we’ve racked up more than 100 victories in cities and states across America.

06:59 That’s the amount that collective student loan debt has grown just since you started watching this video.

RepresentUs is America’s leading anti-corruption organization working city-by-city, state-by-state to fix our broken political system.